Learner Management Solutions (LMS)

An LMS solution is software designed for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses.

Below are the two LMS Solutions we offer:

Corporate Solution
Seamlessly integrates into your environment and allows for a customised induction. Personalised learning linked to employee development plans and tracking learning for WSP and ATR reporting purposes.

Education Solution
Perfect for schools, TVET colleges and Universities, this is an open-source platform, locally hosted that provides an easily scalable solution. Online lectures, classes or sessions can be delivered along with student learning material, assignments and tests uploaded.

System capabilities
  • Customised Content – create custom sidebars for your course or membership level
  • Membership – Easily create and manage member levels
  • Student Profiles – create profile with a broad range of data: demographic data, historical data about user
  • Analytics – track orders, issue refunds, track attendance and other reporting
  • Simple Interface – Create your course and start selling in minutes
  • Drip Content – set up content in a cadence that makes sense for your course
  • Coupons – Create promotions for your courses
  • Plug-ins – easy plug-ins for a more bespoke solution customised to your environment
  • Mobile Responsive – fully specs for mobile delivery

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