E-Assessment Solutions

An end-to-end cloud-based e-assessment solution designed to make the process of creating online tests, exams and assessments simple yet effective.

A: Create
Assessments with our simple and intuitive workflows and extensive range of question types.
B: Deliver
Deliver exams and assessments with our easily accessible cloud-based system that supports offline delivery, a robust security encryption and built-in print and scan options
C: Mark and Analyse
Mark exams online and easily create reports for analysis
The platform features:
  1. Fit for purpose exams
  2. Language testing skills
  3. Flexible exam delivery
  4. Immediate feedback
  5. Creating question banks
  6. Easily collaborate and share
  7. A built-in marking tool
  8. E- marking
  9. Blue print exam creation
  10. Reporting and Analytics
  11. Microsoft 365 integration


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